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avocado shortage embargo Michoacan, MexicoWhen media outlets began to publish reports early Sunday that the U.S. had placed an embargo on Mexico-grown avocados, it seemed every American—not just those making guacamole for Sunday’s Super Bowl parties—had cause for alarm. The prohibition on harvesting, packing, and shipping the fruit came after a U.S. Department of Agriculture plant inspector in Michoacán received a death threat via his cellphone. Yes, it’s a serious matter when U.S. government officials are targeted. However, the embargo allows the U.S. and Mexican governments time to investigate. The hold on importation has also led to fearmongering that Michoacán—the only Mexican state approved to export avocados—is a war zone. While cartels are vying for dominance in the state, Michoacán is not some devastated battlefield. I’ve been to Michoacán (most…

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