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Hunting Influencers; Jess Pryles, Danielle Prewett, Ashley ChilesWhen Danielle Prewett and I talked, Instagram was down. There had been some sort of internal meltdown at Meta, and Instagram and Facebook were suddenly inaccessible. The outage was a minor inconvenience for most casual Instagram users, who use the app primarily as a way to distract themselves between meetings, to online shop, or to see what their ex has been up to. But what was it like for Prewett, a cook, blogger, hunter, and influencer (she doesn’t love that word, but we’ll get to that later) who has amassed a significant following on the platform and owes much of her success to it?“What a relief, really,” she laughed, at her home outside of Houston. “The world needs a day off.”Prewett, who is the wild…

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