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A bus of immigrants sent by Governor Greg Abbott from the Texas border with Mexico arrives in New York City on September 2nd.Governor Greg Abbott’s innovative campaign to bus refugees to northern states, which has metastasized to Arizona and Florida and gotten steadily crueler as it has spread, is not our state’s proudest export. Abbott has deployed thousands of migrants who have come to the U.S., fleeing danger and asking us for help, as political props. But the political logic of it is irrefutable.Generally speaking, there are two things politicians can do to win support. They can promise to do things the voters like, or they can rally voters against an enemy, whether that enemy is internal (gangs, elementary school librarians, cultural Marxists) or external, like migrants, George Soros, or the federal government. Through no fault of their own—well, some fault—Republicans in Texas can’t offer to do…

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