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Paul Burka (center) with Representative Tom Uher and Representative Bill Siebert at the Texas capitol during the 1995 legislative session.“I’ve got a photo of Burka in my office that I cherish,” said former state representative Steve Wolens in a recent phone call, referencing former Texas Monthly senior executive editor Paul Burka, the longtime, universally acknowledged dean of the Texas Capitol press corps. “He’s at his customary spot at the back rail in the House listening to Representative Garnet Coleman, kind of bent over his reporter’s notebook, just scribbling. Garnet’s there, telling him whatever he had to tell him, with a bunch of members huddled on the side, waiting for their time to talk to Paul. It’s such a great photograph, perfect for showing Paul’s influence in the Legislature.”Those are the kinds of memories that came gushing from old pols in the days after Burka’s…

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