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One-Track-Mind-Wild Animals-Liv-e-album-Girl-in-the-Half-PearlDallas’s music scene boasts an uncommon breadth of subcultures and microcommunities, a stylistic dynamism often represented by the artists who emerge from the city. Add to this list Liv.e (pronounced “liv”), a singer and producer who relentlessly swerves among genres, meshing psychedelic soul with synth-funk and traditional R&B with jazz-inflected hip-hop. On her debut album, 2020’s Couldn’t Wait to Tell You, each song was flecked with the unexpected: a sample suggesting a squeaking chair, a cymbal warped through a thin phaser. Somehow, Liv.e’s second album, Girl in the Half Pearl, gets even weirder. Most songs blend electronic effects with live instrumentation, as when a Rhodes piano or an electric bass is punctuated by distorted percussion. Midalbum standout “Wild Animals” is striking precisely because it avoids all…

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