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Waco-siege-thirtieth-anniversary-compound-Branch-DividiansOne night in the fall of 1869, an angel visited a homeopathic physician in upstate New York named Cyrus Teed. She told him he was the Lamb of God, spoken of in the Bible’s book of Revelation, who was prophesied to open the seven seals and bring about the end-time. This was heady stuff and Teed embraced his destiny. Eventually, he attracted followers, moved with them to a plot of land in rural Florida, and waited for a great fire that would ignite the world in the “grandest pyrotechnic display.” By then, Teed had decided he wasn’t just the Lamb; he was the modern incarnation of another biblical figure, the Persian king Cyrus. He dropped his given name and adopted a new moniker, the Hebrew…

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