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How “Poker Face” Re-Created an East Texas BBQ Joint for TVBoyle’s BBQ is a family-run joint in East Texas. Co-owner Taffy Boyle is a showman with a “MEATKING” license plate and a local radio program. He runs the business side, while his sister-in-law, Mandy, rules the front-of-house operations. Taffy’s brother, George, is the pitmaster, but George starts to have doubts about his profession. A new employee lends him some DVDs, including Okja, a film that vilifies the meat industry, and George takes the drastic step of becoming vegan. “I’m a murderer,” he says, on his knees, weeping at the sight of a smoker full of briskets. That’s how the third episode of the new show Poker Face, airing on Peacock, kicks off.Natasha Lyonne stars as Charlie Cale, a private investigator who mixes the inquisitiveness of…

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