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TikTok Is Banking On “Project Texas” to Avoid A U.S. Ban. But What Is It?How to really clean your dryer vent. French pharmaceutical must-haves. An orangutan expertly inserting a straw into a juice box. Someone dancing well. Someone dancing badly. Hyperrealistic cake decor. The history of Japan’s international relations told via puppet. The coolest waterfall in Oregon. Nine different ways to achieve the same braid. A dog drinking out of an unattended glass of water in a funny way.Depending on the #ForYou page, popular short-form video app TikTok can present as a frighteningly endless scroll of sometimes brainless, sometimes absurd, occasionally educational, and always easily digestible entertainment. But in recent months the app has also become the renewed focus of cybersecurity concerns and the target of more than two dozen statewide bans, including one issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott last…

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