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SMU quarterback Preston Stone (2) attempts to evade Cincinnati linebacker Ivan Pace Jr. (0) during the second half of an NCAA college football game in Dallas on October 22, 2022. Cincinnati won 29-27.Just when you probably thought you’d seen conference realignment give us the craziest, most illogical dance partners imaginable, there’s word that Southern Methodist University may be headed for membership in the once august Pac-12 Conference.You may be thinking that SMU joining a West Coast conference with Stanford, Oregon, and Washington makes no sense. SMU has called Dallas home for the last 112 years and was a proud member of the Southwest Conference for 78 years, right up until the conference’s 1996 demise.What’s next? Rutgers joining the Big Ten? Central Florida in the Big 12? Whoops, Rutgers has been a member of the Big Ten since 2014, and Central Florida will join the Big 12 this summer. Welcome to the world of college sports realignment, where…

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