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Cam Dockery, creator of Bearly Making It Chainsaw Carving in Whitharral, uses his chainsaw to carve an animal out of a tree. He's already made a lot of progress, and you can see the shape of what appears to be a rabbit skull and ears.Trees are sparse in the small town of Whitharral (population of about a hundred) but it doesn’t stop Cam Dockery from transforming tree trunks—either dead, fallen, or sourced from out of state—into chiseled works of art. Chainsaws of all sizes line the walls in his shop, which used to be an old cotton gin. Many of his commissions are one-of-a-kind gifts for individuals or families. “I like to make things that are special to that family or that person,” he says. “It’s just wonderful. I make a living using my imagination; that’s crazy. For a guy from Whitharral.”

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