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Roar of the Crowd Bum SteersSteer’d WrongThis past year we saw a massacre of children, police who let it happen, and our governor’s utter failure of compassion, humanity, and leadership. We saw a dramatic rise in bigotry and violence directed at queer Texans. And you went with the low-hanging fruit and picked Austin as your Bum Steer of the Year? Come on, man. This feels like such a disappointing choice. Maybe confronting our profoundly ugly state leadership was just too much right now. Anton Prosser, St. Paul, Minnesota How rich that Texas Monthly named Austin the Bum Steer of the Year when the same progressive agenda that the magazine pursues is responsible for the mess that our state capital has become.Preston Lewis, San AngeloSchool of Art KnocksThanks to Rainey Knudson for the…

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