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When Holly Levanto saw a post on Facebook asking for someone to drive taxidermied animals from Texas to Washington, D.C., she phoned her parents.Levanto, who was born and raised in Austin, has spent the last sixteen years in the D.C. area, where she works as a defense consultant. In that time, she’s hunted high and low for true Texas cuisine. She finally found what she was looking for—kolaches, specifically—at a series of weekend pop-ups organized by Chris Svetlik.So, in 2019, when Svetlik needed a long-haul favor for his first brick-and-mortar restaurant, Republic Cantina, Levanto didn’t hesitate to enlist her folks. “My parents, who are retirees, two Austinites with their Tesla, good Southern Baptists, met with someone in Chris’s family and packed up the car with…

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