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Texas Rangers with dead Mexican bandits in retaliation for the raid on Norias Ranch on October 8, 1915.Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google. Read the transcript below. Subscribe By sealing that document for fifty years, there was a very vivid hope there would be no further inquiry. Whatever the official story was, that would be the official story.—James SandosOne year after the Porvenir massacre, the Texas Rangers are a subject of an inquiry at the Texas capitol led by state representative J. T. Canales. In this episode, we hear testimony from the hearings about the Rangers’ violence, as well as attempts by Rangers backers to discredit Canales and his effort. After the hearings, the Rangers only become bigger heroes in popular movies and TV shows. But the stories of their violence against Mexican Americans live on in South Texas, in oral histories and corridos, and…

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