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Tejano Journalism Jovita IdarTwelve shots boomed through the night sky in downtown Laredo. Residents, perhaps on an evening stroll or on their way to a movie theater, dispersed rapidly through the streets as the gunfire cracked. Some took shelter, while the brave and curious followed the sound. Those informal investigators found a group of men grappling on the sidewalk. One was Webb County deputy sheriff Will Stoner. Another was Manuel García Vigil, editor of the local Spanish-language paper El Progreso. Vigil had sustained three wounds—one through the arm, one through the right ear, and the third a graze to his scalp. The deputy emerged unscathed.The following morning, on May 7, 1913, daylight illuminated the brick exteriors of the Laredo Weekly Times and the Stowers Furniture company buildings. Embedded…

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