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Mutiple poinsettiasWHO: Hill Country African Violets & Nursery, in Boerne, and its faithful customers.WHAT: A little holiday magic to help keep a small business afloat, while brightening doorsteps across the region.WHY IT’S SO GREAT: In a typical year, Hill Country African Violets & Nursery sells nearly two thousand poinsettias between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Owner Ken Froboese usually brings in a fresh batch of the red, white, pink, or variegated beauties every week leading up to the holidays. Lately, though, demand has slumped, perhaps due to a slowing economy and heavy construction up and down this stretch of Interstate 10 just south of Boerne. Several local churches reserved their usual lots, but the nursery otherwise sold just a few poinsettias on some days. By the time Froboese…

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