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Ted Cruz WatchJanuary 9, 2023: Apparently It’s Legal to Throw Cans of White Claw at Ted Cruz’s Head October 24, 2022: Ted Trolls Yankee StadiumSeptember 29, 2022: Ted Comes Along for the Migrant-Busing RideJuly 27, 2022: Ted Becomes a Strange Bedfellow of Those Pushing to Overturn Texas’s Sodomy LawJune 29, 2022: Ted Cruz Reignites His Feud With MuppetsJune 23, 2022: The Senator Speculates on Merrick Garland’s Response to Dobbs OpinionApril 21, 2022: The Senator Speaks His Disney Slash-Fiction FantasiesApril 5, 2022: Ted Cruz Slams Due Process for Political PointsMarch 28, 2022: Revisiting Cruz’s Role in Trying to Overturn the ElectionMarch 24, 2022: Cruz Asks if He Could Be an Asian ManFebruary 2, 2022: Cruz Employs a New Supreme Court StandardJanuary 7, 2022: Cruz Has a Rocky Interview with…

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