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Tacos de trompo from La Parilla Tacos y Más in Oak Cliff.At Museo del Noreste, a regional history museum in Monterrey, Mexico, a large map on the floor serves as a reminder of how closely the northern states of Mexico and Texas are linked. It shows one region split by an imaginary line that runs through the Rio Grande. The map is the exclamation point in a building punctuated with reminders of the geographic connections in its exhibits on commerce, industry, land, and more. Even 186 years after the political border was drawn, the two cultures are undeniably blended, and food remains the strongest tie. Breakfast tacos hail from northern Mexico—they are called tacos mañaneros there—as do tacos de trompo. You’ll hardly find better examples of tacos de trompo than you will in the Oak Cliff…

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