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Best Thing in Texas: The Butter King of Corpus Christi Deserves a RaiseWHAT: A viral video showing a Corpus Christi Cinemark employee who prepares buckets of popcorn with uncommon flair. WHO: Jason “Popcorn Guy” Grosboll, the Butter King of Corpus Christi. WHY IT’S SO GREAT: Serving up popcorn at a movie theater is a thankless job. Generally speaking, you’ll only ever be noticed if you screw something up—otherwise, the customers will grab their tub from you, head into the theater showing Avatar: The Way of Water, and disappear for three hours into the wonder of Pandora. Standing out in the role requires a certain panache. That’s something that Jason Grosboll, the Corpus Christi Cinemark Century 16 employee whose name badge reads “Popcorn Guy,” has in spades. He’s the hero Corpus deserves—and after a customer captured the hero that Corpus deserves…

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