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Bum-Steers-of-the-year-opener-feat-2The Bum Steers Committee was busier this year than a security guard at a school board meeting. We updated our official position on Dak Prescott.(No longer extremely disappointing!) We passed nonbinding resolutions. (Before starting your vehicle, always check to make sure your trailer isn’t on fire.) And of course, we deliberated, argued about, and voted for the Bum Steer of the Year. After every ballot was counted and recounted, it wasn’t a politician who won. It wasn’t even a human being. It was . . . well, see for yourself. But bring a shovel, because there’s a whole heap of misdeeds and miscreants to get through first.Bum Steer of the YearKeep Austin Steer’d!How a funky little college town became the unbearable-traffic, unaffordable-real-estate, insufferable-tech-bro, inanely-precious-restaurant, expensive-BBQ…

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