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A group of Texas Rangers inspect a replica frontier ranger post for their exhibit at the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas on April 9, 1936.When I first learned about the Texas Rangers, I sat on my grandpa Guillermo’s couch in San Antonio. We had just finished watching the 1976 film The Outlaw Josey Wales, which ends with two Rangers riding out of town. As the credits played, my grandpa told me how Rangers patrolled Texas during its early days, bringing the law to remote and violent parts of the state. I remember the excitement I felt when he told me that the Rangers still existed. I was enthralled  with the thought that some version of that old Texas lived on: a place of six-shooters and horses, adventure and grit.The Texas Rangers were created two hundred years ago, by Stephen F. Austin, the leader of the first Anglo settlers here.…

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