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Meanwhile in Texas: Guns n Roses Is Suing a Texas Florist and Gun Shop Also Called Guns n RosesWhy is Guns N’ Roses in the news?It’s so easy to avoid getting sued by Axl Rose: simply avoid naming your business something that implies it might be affiliated with his eighties heavy-metal band. That’s a lesson that the owners of a Houston-area online store called Texas Guns and Roses learned the hard way last week, after they were served with a trademark lawsuit by attorneys for the group. The suit alleges that the store’s name is “likely to cause confusion.”Uh-oh. Sounds like the band’s approach to potential trademark infringement isn’t exactly “anything goes.”The shop’s owners may have believed they were in paradise city when they launched the concept, which is a store that sells guns, gun accessories, and roses, but the band felt otherwise.…

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