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Fiction-Texas-Literature-Read-Books-LaToya-Watkins-Perish-featThere are many reasons to believe we’re in the golden age of Texas fiction. Texas Monthly has compiled the top ten, from the ascendance of the state’s women crime writers to a new commitment to telling all of Texas’s history, even the unseemly parts. Read all ten here. The first in her family to graduate from college, LaToya Watkins applied to law school because it seemed like the next big step in making her kinfolk proud. In the period between getting accepted to Texas Southern University’s law school and enrolling, Watkins was nudged by a cousin to write a book about their family. The suggestion wasn’t completely out of the blue. As a girl growing up in Dallas and Lubbock, Watkins had always journaled. But aside from a vignette that she’d started while tuning…

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