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Smoked turkey, brisket, ribs, sausage and sides.Junior Urias introduced the modern style of Texas barbecue to Midland when he opened Up in Smoke BBQ in 2018. That location, a victim of the COVID-related oil and gas industry bust, shuttered in late 2020. Urias did it again in the Hill Country town of Early, just north of Brownwood, where he and his wife Jennifer resurrected Up in Smoke BBQ. In a town known for the seventy-six year old Underwood’s Cafeteria and Bar-B-Q and its unique barbecue beef steak, Urias is producing sliced brisket and sausage better than he had in Midland at the new brick-and-mortar that opened five months ago. This one comes with a retail meat market too. While living in Midland, Junior and Jennifer had been driving three and a half hours to spend their…

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