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The East Side Bar, 2020, by Gerardo “Ghost” Cazares, at the intersection of New Braunfels and Hays Streets.On a wall at the corner of New Braunfels and Hays Streets, in San Antonio’s historically African American East Side, a bright mural depicts a bacchanal of Black, brown, and white folks dancing to a raucous jazz band. Everything is in motion: a red-suited singer wailing on the mic, the sax player and trumpeter trying hard to keep up, and the line of angular dancers seemingly poised to jump out of the painting. It’s an eye-catching scene that pays tribute to the multiracial music venues of San Antonio’s past, long-gone places such as the Eastwood Country Club and the Keyhole Club. The mural, created in 2020 by Gerardo “Ghost” Cazares, is called The East Side Bar. It’s among the latest additions to San Antonio’s burgeoning…

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