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Sandra Cisneros Poem KmartK-Mart, San Antonio, Texas, 1986For Rubén When I can take you to the K-Marton South Santa Rosa at sunset, and say, Meet me over by the flip-flops, I’ve got to get me some socks.When I can toss in the shopping cart my tampons next to your Tres Flores hair oil, my microwave popcorn, your pack of white tees, my San Martín de Porres three-day candle.When we have finished payingand can sit in the parking lotsatisfied, you and I,with nachos and an Icee.Then we can marvelat a thousand black wingsswooping against the downtown sky.Urracas urracando in the trembling trees.From Woman Without Shame by Sandra Cisneros, to be published by Knopf on September 13, 2022.This poem originally appeared in the September 2022 issue of Texas Monthly. Subscribe today. 

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