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Freshly made blue-corn tortillas.It was the fall of 2021 when the first of ten eighteen-wheelers rolled into Fort Worth from Mexico. Most of the trucks originated in Saltillo, an industrial city of about a million located some 170 miles southwest of Laredo. A few of the trucks came from Mexico City, another 430 miles south. For more than six months they rumbled north, one roughly every three weeks, filled to the brim with dining tables and chairs, pecan-wood doors, disassembled decorative woodwork for cabinets, sets of tableware, leather menu covers, hefty tortilla presses, clay planters and pots, and 20,387 terra-cotta bricks. Oh, and twelve massive handmade wooden looms ready to be strung with miles of thick, white cotton thread. This caravan was arriving at a time when COVID had…

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