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Rogers (center) with deputy chief Paul Williams (left) and budget director Dale Cramer (right), preparing to testify at a legislative hearing about Governor Ann Richards' budget proposals in 1991 at the capitol building in Austin.Mary Beth Rogers has a perspective on the Texas Capitol that few others in history can claim. As campaign manager and chief of staff for Governor Ann Richards, she remembers that the reaction to Richards’s female support staff moving into the Capitol, in 1991, was puzzlement. “All of a sudden, here comes this ragtag group of women,” she said. “It was both exciting and extremely challenging.” Though women are no longer the curiosities they once were in Texas politics, the Richards years marked a high-water point for women in Texas’s most prominent public offices. “Prince Philip said he thought women were running Texas,” Rogers said. “Every major city had a female mayor. Dallas had Mayor Annette Strauss, Lila Cockrell was mayor of San Antonio, Kathy…

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