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Murph Juice.When Dustin Reynolds and Amanda Ogle opened T&D Barbecue in Weatherford back in late 2020, they needed a barbecue sauce. A friend, Ethan Murphy, gave them a recipe to start from, and Reynolds added his own touches, including a splash of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky (the alcohol burns off while the sauce is cooking, the couple says). They named the sauce Murph Juice, after their helpful friend. A few months ago, they entrusted that sauce recipe to John Laughman, the head brewer at Martin House Brewing Company, in Fort Worth, to create a barbecue sauce–flavored beer also called Murph Juice, which was released last week.Murph Juice is certainly the first barbecue sauce beer I’ve ever tasted, but Martin House is all about firsts when it comes…

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