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Our series Texas Excess celebrates the hobbyists and hoarders who crisscross the state—and sometimes the world—to add to their pet collections. With obsessions ranging from Santas to salt shakers, these Texans take collecting to the extreme. The collectionA house full of miniature replica scenes, from a children’s bedroom to a witch’s shop. Years in the making40+. Most treasured item A minuscule gift shop, complete with teeny-tiny jewelry. Most sentimental itemA miniature version of a wedding cake and bouquet, given to the collector’s daughter and new son-in-law.  Anyone afflicted with the craving for crafting understands the magpie instinct to collect. Anything shiny, sparkling, cute, or eye-catching goes home with the crafter simply because it might, one day, come in handy. Sandra Matthews Manring of Spring understands that impulse better…

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