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Barbecue tacos from The Taste of Texas Tex Mex BBQ in Beaumont.I don’t think barbecue reaches its full potential until it’s served in a tortilla. I make this declaration as a bit of a joke, knowing it rankles a certain subsection of smoked-meat aficionados. But it is a fact that the consumption of Texas barbecue as tacos is a decades-long tradition. What once started as a practice at backyard gatherings has evolved to appear on menus of restaurants like Zavala’s Barbecue in Grand Prairie and El Sancho Tex Mex BBQ in Mission. Texans put everything in tortillas, so why not pair the state’s signature cuisines for a handheld treat? Pitmasters and taqueros continue to innovate on the art form of the barbecue taco, taking it to the new heights I discovered at James & Jon Barbeque…

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