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Mimi Swartz's 1995 story on issues facing the health care system won a National Magazine Award for public interest journalism.I wrote “Not What the Doctor Ordered” in 1995, which seems a lifetime ago by any standard, but especially when it comes to the world of medicine. The story predated not only the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, but also the wrangling over health care that happened in between then and now. (In the article, I mention “the failure of the Clinton plan,” and it took me a few minutes just now to recall Hillary’s doomed attempt at revamping the medical landscape in that era.) It was inspired by a much-beloved, old-fashioned neighborhood doc in Houston, the kind who knew not only his patients but also his patients’ kids and most of his patients’ friends, who were also his patients and, often, his friends. His…

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