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Meats and sides from Big Boys Bar-B-Q in Sweetwater.I ordered a tray of meat at Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que in Sweetwater, 40 miles west of Abilene, and didn’t ask for brisket. I’d been to the joint many times before, and wanted to enjoy the cuts I thought were best suited to owner and pitmaster Gaylan Marth’s direct-heat method of cooking. Thinner meats like pork ribs, pork steaks, and chicken are what I crave from any joint that cooks over wood coals. Marth filled my order, then slapped on a couple slices of brisket anyway. After I posted a photo to Instagram, comments about the shaggy-looking brisket ensued. “The brisket that most people want needs to look like the one Aaron Franklin throws down on his table,” Marth said, explaining customer expectations these days. “It’s…

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