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Brad SimmsBrad Simms is sprinting toward the jumps. The freestyle pro and I are riding the mountain bike trails in Milton Reimers Ranch Park, about 45 minutes west of Austin. Specifically, a downhill “flow trail” with a sign extolling the dangers below: WARNING! SERIOUS INJURY IS POSSIBLE. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.             Simms rips around a berm, floats through a rhythm section on just his rear wheel, and playfully flicks his mountain bike up and over a shin-high limestone ledge. “You were going really fast!” I wheeze when I finally catch up to him. Simms smiles, “What’d you expect?”A few miles later, we’re coasting down the park road toward the Pedernales River when Simms leans back, effortlessly pulling a wheelie without pedaling. As he rides in…

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