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A proposal at Franklin Barbecue in Austin.WHO: Matt McKinney and Kelly Dickey, barbecue fans who live in Indianapolis.WHAT: A successful pit room proposal and a smoky engagement gift from the most famous barbecue joint in Texas.WHY IT’S SO GREAT: Popping the big question is stressful enough. Add in a cross-country road trip, an hours-long barbecue line, and the raging heat of several fireboxes, and the pressure rises.Matt McKinney and Kelly Dickey live in Indiana and have a love for food and cooking. They were inspired to travel to Austin after watching the movie Chef, which stars Jon Favreau as—you guessed it—a chef who takes his talents on the road. One scene in the movie is set at Franklin Barbecue. That, plus Favreau’s The Chef Show on Netflix, in which he visits…

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