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Caddo Lake.We’re celebrating 38 ways to get wet this summer. Read essays on Texas’s springs, rivers, lakes, coast, and pools, as well as shout-outs to kayak polo, “boomerang” paddle trips, and Austin’s Party Island. About an hour before a torrential late-night downpour, Caddo Lake State Park came alive. Inside our roomy four-person tent, pitched forty yards or so from a large pond, my boyfriend, Sean, and I had settled into side-by-side cots, our shaggy little mutt, Bandit, curled up between us. We tried to sleep, but the world outside had other plans.A chorus of tree frogs began singing in nasal honks all around us. Nearby ducks joined in with occasional quacks. Not quite as harmonious, some owls let out surprisingly humanlike screeches, and the shrill chirp…

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