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Co-owners Henry Wayne Adair Jr. and Twila Adair.Just through the front doors of Bud’s House of Meat in south Houston, you’ll likely find co-owner Henry Wayne Adair Jr. directing traffic. Wayne (he goes by his middle name) is part greeter and part quarterback. In his blue-and-white striped shirt, complete with name patch, he points incoming customers to open spots or the shortest line at the meat counter that stretches the length of the building. The variety of raw meat behind the counter is mesmerizing. Turkey wings, fajitas, homemade sausages, and boudin share space with steaks, chops, and ground pork shaped into the silhouette of a pig. If you’re looking for already-smoked meats, Wayne will point you to the takeout counter under the neon sign that reads “Bud’s BBQ To Go.”Beyond that sign…

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