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Austin's Aqua Thrill Way water slide opened in 1978.The old waterslide is hidden among a thicket of cedars off the access road of Interstate 35. Draped across a hill above Boggy Creek, eight miles south of downtown Austin, the slide is covered in a tapestry of spray paint. A little longer than a football field—relatively short, compared to the structures of today’s water parks—the slide’s two parallel, concrete runs circle softly to the right, then veer more sharply left in a notorious turn. This steep bend occasionally left swimmers with concussions, and it’s still risky for the skateboarders and BMX bikers who sneak in to catch rides. Leaves and other debris—shoes, broken beer bottles, soggy pieces of carpet—intermittently cake the chutes that kids once swooshed down on foam pads. The pool at the…

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