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LBJ DoodlesLyndon Baines Johnson is known for many things: signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964; escalating the war in Vietnam following the Gulf of Tonkin resolution; pursuing the “Great Society” initiatives; and making the rare decision not to seek his party’s nomination for reelection to the presidency in 1968. One thing for which he’s less well-known: his longtime habit of doodling profoundly—perhaps even disturbingly!—weird images on presidential and Senate letterhead.Many presidents doodle. Andrew Jackson drew faces and animals (he favored alligators and tortoises); Herbert Hoover sketched elaborate geometric designs on White House stationery. There is something oddly satisfying about learning that FDR enjoyed sketching ships, while Ronald Reagan drew cowboys, football players, and horses. In the 2006 book Presidential Doodles, published by Cabinet magazine, historian…

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