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texanistEverybody’s talking about Top Gun: Maverick. And rightly so. It’s the cinematic blockbuster that has grossed a whopping $548 million worldwide in its first two weeks and has resuscitated, or at least offered a glimmer of hope, to the struggling, pandemic-plagued movie theater business. Critics agree: the movie is great! The Texanist saw it and he wholeheartedly concurs.Well, a lot of folks don’t know this, but there’d be no Top Gun: Maverick without Texas. (“You’re crazy, Texanist! Have you been drinking again? Seriously, what’s with you guys? Everything always comes back to Texas. Center of the universe, yada yada. What a bunch of hooey. Go to bed, man!”) No, no, it’s true. And this supposition has nothing at all to do with Austinite Glen Powell,…

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