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From left, actors Sonny Carl Davis (Frank) and Lou Perryman (Loyd) in the 1978 film “The Whole Shootin’ Match” directed by Eagle Pennell.Filmmakers have long been drawn to “the Texan” as a character type. Our series, Playing Texan, revisits some of the most notable of these portrayals, from the legendary to the ludicrous, to determine what they say about how the world sees Texas—and how we see ourselves.   How do you play a Texan? On its face, it’s a ridiculous question. There are some 30 million Texans scattered across disparate regions the size of some European countries, each with their own ideas about what constitutes a Texan. The rancher in Goliad certainly wouldn’t let some boho Austinite define it. Yet “Texan” remains one of those archetypes, like “New Yorker” or “nerd,” that crops up repeatedly in our popular fictions. I guarantee that no actor has ever…

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