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Collection-Time-pieces-clocks-Vintage-Museum-of-Measurement-and-timeOur series Texas Excess celebrates the hobbyists and hoarders who crisscross the state—and sometimes the world—to add to their pet collections. With obsessions ranging from Santas to salt shakers, these Texans take collecting to the extreme. The collection550 clocks, 1,500 salt and pepper shakers, and various telephones, surveying instruments, measuring tools, computers, maps, and more.Years in the making62.An item the collector would risk his life for A ten-foot-tall grandfather clock, acquired from a seventh-generation Jefferson family.A newfound obsessionVernon Dalhart, a Jefferson native and the first musician to sell one million copies of a country song. Alongside a collection of music instruments, the museum owns five hundred of Dalhart’s records and your hosts will play them on request.It might be said that Johnny Ingram, owner and curator of…

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