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UT researchers have made a breakthrough in the fight against 'crazy ants'The teeming masses of crazy ants descended on Estero Llano Grande State Park and World Birding Center in 2014. Long, brown drifts of them would pile up on the paved walkways alongside buildings in the park, which is just outside the Rio Grande Valley border town of Weslaco. The ants moved in great pulsing streams up and down the park’s trees. They crawled into electric meters and air conditioning units, short-circuiting them, and eventually spread across nearly every inch of Estero Llano Grande’s 230 acres. The insects displaced native species and generally wreaked havoc. When groups of schoolchildren visited the park, staff members taught them the “crazy ant stomp,” which everyone performed to pound their legs free of the skittering pests. Unlike its better-known cousin,…

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