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The outdoor soaking pools and garden area at the Houstonian Hotel’s Trellis Spa, in Houston.This article is part of Relax Already!, our guide to Texas spa offerings. Three weeks after the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation shut down spas during the rigid COVID-19 lockdowns of March 2020, the agency received a call from Beata Huzarska Hatley. She designed, built, and runs the Puresólspa salt cave at Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort (located in Boerne and, incidentally, co-owned by George Strait), and she was determined to reopen.Hatley is a woman drawn to extremes: her husband is six foot seven, and her dogs, Paige and Kronos, are Great Danes. Kronos, the larger of the two, rises to taller than Hatley, who is technically five foot two but has a vertical swoosh of white-blond hair that adds a few inches. But, she told…

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