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X follows a group of amateur adult filmmakers as they head out to the country to shoot their first project.On the surface, the premise of A24’s latest horror flick, X, sounds a lot like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: it’s the seventies and a group of friends drive into middle-of-nowhere Texas, where most of them meet sensationally gory fates. But by the end of the wild hour-and-forty-five-minute ride, the film might actually be a bit more like M. Night Shyamalan’s 2021 thriller, Old. Just scarier, funnier, and a hell of a lot hornier. Set in 1979, X follows members of an adult-film crew as they head from Houston to a secluded boarding house out in the country to shoot their first project. There’s the smooth-talking producer, Wayne (Martin Henderson), who’s sure the film will make him rich; 23-year-old director RJ (Owen Campbell), who’s set on…

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