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Sammie's Bar-B-Q in Fort Worth.As long at Sam Gibbins Jr. can remember, he’s told people his dad owned a barbecue joint on Belknap in Fort Worth. Given the name, they all thought he meant Sammie’s Bar-B-Q, the legendary joint that’s been serving barbecue and beer since 1946. But Sam Gibbins Sr. was actually the proud owner of the Smoke Pit, which opened in 1961 a mile and half down the road. That is, until a few years back, when Sammie’s went up for sale. Sam Sr. knew the Smoke Pit would be demolished to make way for an apartment building, so he bought Sammie’s, remodeled the place, and reopened it in 2018. Sam Sr. retired two years ago, leaving his son, a recent graduate of Texas A&M’s business school,…

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