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Birria tacos, the Baylor Taco Plate, and more from Wako Taco.In 2020, Javier and Santiaga Soto were exhausted from nearly ten years of slinging tacos out of their Waco food trailer, Taqueria Guerrero. “There is a lot of suffering in running a taco trailer,” Javier says. “The hours are long and the temperature swings can be unbearable.” Then they caught a break. The building across the street became available and the couple didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar. It was a chance to fulfill their dream of owning a small taqueria. They didn’t want anything fancy—just something other than a trailer. The project soon became an extended-family effort. The couple conferred with their children on how to move beyond the Hispanic-only customer base of the trailer to attract a wider range of…

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