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Corpus Christi Oso Wastewater Treatment PlantThe tank of aerating bodily waste at the Oso Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Side Corpus Christi is strangely mesmerizing. The brown-and-tan fluid within the 181-foot-long, 25-foot-deep rectangular vat is in constant motion, its surface broken by large bubbles and foam that make the fecal brew resemble cappuccino.The metal platforms surrounding the noxious agglomeration are free of anything that might catch a toe, but rescue ring buoys are mounted here—just in case. “This is the last place you’d want to trip and fall in,” says Sigifredo De Leon, Oso’s superintendent, as he leads me around the biggest treatment plant in a city whose wastewater-disposal shortcomings have raised the ire of the federal government for the past decade.The EPA sued the city in 2012 for failing…

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