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The first Legacy event of the year at Parish Episcopal School was was a huge success. Led and designed by the Class of 2015, students in 1st - 12th grade worked together to rescue their macsot, Pete Panther.
Parish’s Legacy program gives students in 1st through 12th grade, as well as faculty and staff, a unique opportunity to regularly connect with one another in what are called Legacy Families.
The theme for the October 8th Legacy event was M15SION IMPAWSIBLE.  The Class of 2015 developed the idea during their class retreat in September. 

The premise - Pete the Panther was captured by the opposing football team’s mascot, and all Legacy groups had to solve clues and find their hidden puzzle piece and meet in the gym to solve the puzzle together.

The seniors in each legacy group were dressed in black or camouflage, and all students were given a team bandana to decorate and an agent nametag. After watching a special news bulletin about the capture, each Legacy group received a clue to decode. This clue led them to another location in the school to find a puzzle piece.

After locating their puzzle piece, Legacy groups headed to the gym (while avoiding the "laser" and "mine" fields) to connect their puzzle pieces. The completed puzzle revealed a picture of Pete the Panther holding a sign that he was being held captive in the Library basement.

Following a heroic rescue by Head Football Coach Scott Nady, Pete was reunited with his Panther friends in the gym, where the seniors led the school in the Panther Beat!

The Class of 2015 at Parish did an amazing job organizing every piece of the Legacy event. 

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