As part of their unit on Ancient Greece, 2nd grade students participated in the Parish tradition of creating a Greek marketplace, also called an Agora. After researching Greek gods and goddesses, students created a homemade good or service associated with their chosen god/goddess to sell at the Agora. 

Students learned the difference between goods and services, and how to distinguish the acts of bartering and trading.

As a culminating activity for the unit, the students created posters showcasing their items and came to school dressed as their god or goddess. Throughout the week, students earned drachma during the class day, which they used to make purchases from other students during the Agora. 

Some examples of goods/services provided were:
Zeus - lightening bolt pins (a good)
Hera - peacock feathers (a good)
Aphrodite - a manicure (a service)
Athena - advice (a service)

Click here to see the full photo gallery/video.

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