Bart Noble
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Mosquitoes will find water wherever it is - like this basketball goal.  If you use water to anchor yours, make sure you plug the fill hole so you don't get fouled by mosquitoes.
Here are a few tips to keep mosquitoes off the court and eliminate places where they breed:
  • Check for standing water once a week: plastic covers and tarps, toys, trash cans, paint and other containers, potted plant saucers: flush out saucers with a hose or dump every week, change water in bird baths at least once per week.
  • Don’t connect downspouts directly to underground pipes; maintenance and cleaning is not possible and becomes a place for mosquitoes to enter drains. Use catch basins with insect screen below downspouts instead.
  • Don’t install flexible drainpipe; use rigid pipe instead and make sure it’s laid so that there are no low spots where water can collect.
If you need help to find where mosquitoes are hiding in your yard or for other ways to kill mosquitoes without using poison, contact Mosquito Mister Natural at, by phone at 214-647-8377 or visit
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